It seems like I very rarely blog but I assure you that's on my list of things to be more active on. Speaking of being more active, I finally gave into Instagram so if you would like to follow my shenanigans as well as some behind the scenes from photoshoots I strongly advise for you to come FOLLOW!

I've been experimenting more with lighting lately as well as learning new techniques to improve my retouching skills. If I'm not working I'm always looking to learn new things and YouTube is an excellent resource to everything you can think of. I love to push boundaries and keep improving any way I can. I really look forward to working with wonderful artistic individuals next month. I have a few projects that also include videos. Around the beginning of next year I will be collaborating with a wonderful European model who is talented in many ways. She will be flying all the way from Germany to Chicago! I won't give out too many details but please stay tuned.

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a phenomenal hair stylist that modeled for me. She was amazing and I am really looking forward to finishing the image as it's one of my most involved photoshoots by far and my ultimate favorite.

I put a little video together of what I sometimes do before a shoot if I'm unsure of what the lighting will look like. I highly encourage everyone to keep practicing and enhance your skills. If you don't have a model present invite your friend over or, in my case, just use yourself. Do what you must and keep on going.