I receive a lot of beautiful comments about my work and excellent constructive critique that helps me better myself as an artist. Throughout the years I've followed many talented artists such as models, painters, tattoo artists, photographers, digital illustrators, and many others that have kept me motivated, inspired and helped me push boundaries. Photographers that had a huge impact in my work were artists like Billy Sheahan, Kevin Thayer, Chad Michael Ward, Lithium Picnic, Lindsay Adler Photography and many more. 

I get asked where I received my training for my photography and editing and I'm proud to say that most of it is self taught through errors and victories. When I get stuck with something or have no knowledge on how to go about with editing or light placement I seek advice from great tutors on YouTube. I learned some advanced editing techniques from PhLearn, Garth Williams Retouch, and many others. There's so much you can learn on YouTube alone! 

I wanted to share a couple of pictures from two lovely ladies I shot last year and again this year.

noAmy the Photographer Erin
noAmy the Photographer Cecilia
noAmy the Photographer

The last image is featured on Dark Beauty Magazine's website, go check it out!